Reason not to say “THANK YOU and GOODBYE” to Kenny Omega

English translation


On January 17, the “2018 Wrestling Grand Prix Award ceremony” was held at the hotel in Tokyo.

Four Japanese athletes were awarded from the NJPW, but the attention is whether the Kenny Omega whose appearance is not fixed appears.

Although Kenny was thought not to come …

Kenny Omega appeared!


Although it became public place since Wrestle Kingdom, many fans would have smiled at the appearance of Kenny.However, there were many people who were worried about what to talk on the other hand.

Kenny said like this at a press conference.

『Hello, this is Kenny Omega of NJPW. Thank you for having the Best Bout Award.I do not want to say sad things, but ….

Next year may not be able to stand this stage.

Working worldwide, I will definitely show you the best bout at a big venue.Well. I think that the pro wrestling grand prize is not the last in this.Also, I think that I would like to take something like Best Bout, MVP or Skill Award someday.

Until we meet again,Good Bye and Good Night.』


In addition, Kenny Omega who got interviewed by the media after the award ceremony comments on the future.

『I can not tell the future schedule.I have no schedule for NJPW.』


And when asked about AEW, Kenny said like this.

『I want to say Good Luck. I want you to keep up. It is going to be amazing.I am interested because it is a group of friends. Since I am a friend, I have no choice but to support.』


To the best of my knowledge, this is all the comments Kenny told at the awards ceremony.

When extracting Kenny’s comment …

▪This year I look for a place of activity in the world

▪The next year I will not get a pro wrestling grand prize

▪I can not tell the future plan

▪I do not have any plans for NJPW

▪I will cheer for AEW and help out

How did everyone think after hearing this comment?

I think…

After all I think Kenny Omega will not leave.

Formerly Kenny replied to a newspaper interview as follows.

『There is no place to put in now, you should not stay in NJPW.』

『For now it is better not to stand on the ring for a while.』

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This is the word of Kenny that I told the newspaper then, but the way we say it is different, what I say at that time is not much different.Never said “I will leave the NJPW”, “I will not play in Japan anymore”, “I have signed a contract with another group”, but I do not say anything important.

In addition, salvation is a comment about AEW.

Kenny is interested in AEW and says to support it, but this comment does not say that he will contract with AEW exclusively.

To summarize Kenny ‘s comments on the future, “Is not this year I will not rise to the ring for a while, I want to play games on the world ring, not just for AEW”


Perhaps, Kenny Omega may not play games with NJPW in one game in 2019.But I think Keny will definitely return to NJPW since Kenny says that he wants to receive a pro wrestling grand prize one day again.

Many fans who heard Kenny’s comments at this awards ceremony would have thought that Kenny left NJPW.On Twitter, many fans are tweeted to appreciate Kenny.

But I will not say “thank you and good-by” to Kenny.

No, I think it would be better not to say.I think that this comment Kenny told is close to true intention.

“I want to be in a place that is said to be happy with the fans.” 

“Because it is not now, I will disappear from the NJPW.” 

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When I say “Thank you” to Kenny, this means that there is no place to return to NJPW.

I think that it would be better not to tell Kenny the words of gratitude. Because I should say that I need him.

I believe in Kenny Omega.

It is true that there is not any official comment from NJPW.The contract will continue unless the NJPW says to terminate the contract.This is the truth of hope.

This is Kenny Omega’s comment after the awards ceremony.

“Celebrations were fun.

Perhaps, this year you will not be able to see Kenny Omega in Japan.

Well, when you can, come back to Japan and do awesome best bout performance … and yeah, if possible, I think I will stand on that stage again

Thank you very much.”

I think that Kenny’s remarks have hope.